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Agreements and Contracts

Agreements and Contracts

Wells Small Fleharty & Weil is a contract law firm for business & real estate owners….


Wells Small Fleharty & Weil attorneys have drafted and reviewed thousands of agreements and contracts. We regularly draft, review, prepare, interpret and enforce agreements and contracts of all variations and complexities.

We can assist you with contract drafting that meets your needs, contract review to pinpoint inconsistences and unacceptable clauses, contract negotiation in a manner that fits your business approach and contract litigation, when you need to enforce your rights or protect yourself from allegations from another party.


Contract Review

Our law firm regularly reviews contracts and agreements that were submitted to our clients for consideration over a wide range of industries, covering numerous issues. We have extensive experience pinpointing inconsistences and unacceptable clauses before you execute an agreement and provide pragmatic advise to minimize unfortunate and unexpected outcomes.


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